Intermediate Sea Kayak Training develops the skills of sea kayakers in moderate water conditions (waves to 3', wind to 16 knots).  This course will largely follow the guidance notes for BCU 3 Star Sea Kayak Training, however it is NOT only for people wishing to become BCU certified!  This is the perfect course for anyone wishing to develop their skills and judgment in an ocean environment!  Topics include seamanship (assessing conditions, risk assessment, back-up plans, basic practical navigation), boat control in wind and waves, rescue skills (assisted capsize recovery, solo capsize recovery, towing).  For more details about some of the possible topics, check out this document from the BCU.  Mixed in with all the technical skill development, will be plenty of "play time" since the best coach is often the sea herself!

This group will spend 3 days working with a different coach each day.

This course is NOT an introduction to the open ocean!  It is designed to develop existing basic ocean skills.  Participants should be able to roll at least every now and then, but not necessarily reliably.  Participants should be able to perform at least one assisted rescue and should have practiced within the last 9 months.  Participants are expected to own a suitable sea kayak tow line and have at least a general idea of how and when to use it (even though you may never have done so).  Participants should have had at least 2 experiences with 1-3' breaking waves (white caps, surf zone, or tide race waves).  Participants should have paddled in winds in excess of 10 knots at least 3 times.  Participants should have a range of paddling strokes available to them and should be able to spin their kayak, steer a course effectively in any direction to the wind, move sideways confidently, and maintain balance with paddle assistance in lumpy water (i.e. brace).

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